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Modified Wave Inverters

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Modified Sine Wave Inverters that convert 12v DC to 240v AC are by far the most common type of power inverters sold in Australia. Their popularity is largely due to their relatively low cost in comparison to the more expensive and complex Pure Sine Wave Inverter models, while still being an effective way to power the majority of household appliances, power tools and electrical devices.

The reason modified wave power inverters are a lot lower in price than a pure sine wave inverter is, as the name implies, they create a modified or "good enough" replication of your household 240v AC power source, as opposed to the near identical AC wave reproduction of the pure sine wave power inverter. As creating this "close enough" AC wave is not nearly as complicated it requires far less work and components and so they are significantly cheaper than a pure sine wave power inverter.

The diagram below gives a visual representation of the output of a modified wave power inverter in comparison to both your household power (AC mains power) and also a pure sine wave inverter.

Modified Wave Power Inverter Output

Modified Wave Power Inverters were designed largely because a lot of electrical appliances will run just as well off this "good enough" power source and so it was a cost effective way to power these items instead of having to use a more expensive pure sine wave inverter when a true sine wave wasnt really needed.

While a modified wave inverter is great for powering simpler appliances and power tools for more complicated or sensitive electrical equipment and devices it is generally recommended to power them with a pure sine wave power inverter, as some electrical equipment will not function correctly or at all from a modified AC wave, or if they do their life span may be reduced or it could be permanently damaged. This being the case we strongly advise checking with the manufacturers recommendations for the item(s) you want to power to make sure they will run correctly from a modified wave power inverter.