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Pure Sine Wave Inverters

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As their name suggests, a pure sine wave power inverter (also known as true sine wave) creates a pure AC sine wave that is exactly the same as the 240v AC mains power in your home. In other words, it will replicate your household power very closely, which means they are excellent for electrical devices that need a high quality power source. Compare this with the output of a modified wave inverter and you can immediately see why using a pure sine wave power inverter has some distinct advantages.

Pure Sine Wave Inverter Output

Although a lot of basic household appliances will run happily from a modified wave power inverter, some more sensitive or complex appliances and electrical equipment will either only operate from a true reproduction of an AC power source or if they don’t then their own power supply life may be reduced or the device you are trying to run may not function as expected or might even be permanently damaged, so it is important to get the right power inverter for the job.

If you do have electrical equipment that requires a high quality power source (a pure sine wave) like sensitive or expensive electrical devices or medical equipment and need to power it from a 12v or 24v source then you will definitely need a pure sine wave power inverter.

So why not just run every appliance from a pure sine wave inverter? Well you can and in an ideal world you would, but as true sinewave inverters are a lot more complex to design and build they are also more expensive than modified sinewave inverters. This being the case if you are only going to run a few basic appliances that will run just as well on a modified wave inverter then there is no reason to spend more than you need to, but you can of course if you want ;-)

Due to their additional complexity a true sine wave power inverter will always be more expensive than the equivalent wattage modified sine wave power inverter.

As a rule of thumb we generally recommend the more you will be using the inverter and the greater the variety of electrical devices and appliances you will be powering, then finances permitting, the more you should consider buying a pure sine wave power inverter over its cheaper counterpart. If you can afford the extra cost then getting a pure sine wave inverter is always going to be a safer option and in the long run you will be better off, especially if you expect to be using your inverter regularly as it will give you the flexibility to power a far larger range of items without any problems.